Welcome to eVinh - the flying car

eVinh - all-electric flying car.

Take off like a helicopter

Fly like an airplane 

Drive like a car

Why eVinh?

No More Traffic Jam


You will be in the sky in one minute.  And there will be no traffic jam at 1000 feet.  

eVinh has wing like a typical airplane.  So you would feel like driving on the ninth cloud. 

You can fly directly to the destination or vacation spot.

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Quiet & Nonpolluting


You will be amazed with the quietness of an electric car and smooth drive.

And no pollution at all.

After all, it's an electric flying vehicle.

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Very Safe


You will fly like a bird.  And you can land at any time & anywhere.  It's super safe.

eVinh has parachute automatically open up at a 500-foot level.  So relax.

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eVinh - all-electric flying car

Silicon Valley, California, USA