Will FAA approve your aircraft?

Yes.  Since eVinh is a compound aircraft, it will get approval from FAA.  eVinh uses single rotary wing like a helicopter to take off vertically and a propeller like an airplane to fly forward.

Is your eVinh safe?

Yes.  We'll test it until it's 100% safe before releasing our eVinh aircraft.  Plus, FAA must approve it first.  So sit back and relax.

Is your eVinh aircraft competitive?

Yes.  eVinh uses our innovative technology to build our aircraft. eVinh will use all-electric components, light carbon fiber material, AI software and sensors.

Do you have a prototype?

Yes.  As of Jan 2019, we have a prototype to demonstrate our product.  Contact us for a demo.

What's your product lineup?

We'll release our prototype in late 2019.  Eventually, eVinh will be autonomous and  can carry up to 5 persons (about 1000lbs).

What capacities does eVinh have?

eVInh transports people and goods up to 1000lbs above the ground.